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[Replicable Practices] Week 01: Introduction (Post 1 of 2)

November 25, 2011

Thing #01 Lifelong Learning

The introduction task encourages participants of the 23 things @ MPJ adventure to look at the site below:

Young, S. H. (2011, July 31). 15 steps to cultivate lifelong learning. Retrieved from


After reading the article I could not help thinking back to the summers I had spent with my grandfather and grandmother. There was never a summer day that went by where my grandfather did not repeat his personal motto to me. He would say:

Michael take time to learn anything and everything you can. Learn a skill no matter how big or how small, one day you will be thankful that you learned that skill, it will serve you well. Learn it, set it aside but do not forget it.  (Ernesto Salerno)

The 15 steps to cultivate lifelong learning speaks to me on a very personal level. Step 2 “keep a to learn list” and step 3 “get more intellectual friends” are two steps that I am very thoughtful in carrying out. It would be a challenge to have everything on your to learn list crossed off since the list is continually growing however it keeps the learning process moving forward, creating many sub or side lists to work from. Surrounding myself with  intellectual friends can be intimidating and uncomfortable but it is within that uncomfortable feeling that learning takes place.  My career as a teacher has certainly helped me carry out both steps.

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