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[Replicable Practices] Week 04: RSS & Newsreaders (Post 1 of 1)

March 26, 2012

Thing #07 What is RSS?

The fourth week encourages participants of the 23 things @ MPJ adventure to make life real simple starting with an exploration of RSS & newsreaders.


What does this mean?

Rss Icon

I was never sure what this little orange icon referred to. In an age where contracting a computer virus is as easy as a mouse click certain unfamiliar things in my mind are best left un-clicked.

However this exploration activity and the YouTube video I share with you below has made life truly simpler. Really?

You Tube Icon

CommonCraft. (2007). Rss in plain english [Web]. Retrieved from

My Thoughts on RSS uses in my professional life:

What if I create a website for my GLE 2O1 class and relay homework assignments, reminders, announcements or notices to the students and any parent quickly through the site RSS feed.

My Thoughts on RSS uses in my personal life:

Life is simpler. Really? Well that may be a bit of an exaggeration, however managing, consuming, broadcasting and reproducing information found online has become more manageable, more efficient and more personable, more exact and more relevant to me. Can I get a little help on how to choose the sweetest oranges?

Help me choose the sweetest orage?

Like most things there are usually more than one way to subscribe to information. My preferred address for my information delivery is Google Reader. Why? I already have a Google account.

  1. Subscribe
  2. RSS Site Button
  3. Subscription via Toolbar

After trying all three methods above I have come to the following conclusion.

If I was using my own personal computer I would use method 3. Why go through unnecessary, mundane steps of always having to login. I thought RSS feeds were going to make my life simpler. No need to login into my Google reader since my preferences are stored.

If I was using a a computer other than my own I would use method 1 and 2. These methods give me more control over login and password information. Not all browsers were created equally therefore not all will have the subscribe feature within the tool bar. Besides do I really trust your computer with my login information.

What does not make much sense to me is that this too can make my life difficult since it can become overwhelming to digest all the content. For example prolific reproducers or original content creators can easily deliver a few unread messages a day times a four to five subscriptions and once again life is complicated.

Excuse me,

While I go and eat my orange subscribe to my Replicable Practices Blog. Use any method you like.

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