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[Replicable Practices] Week 05: Play Week (Post 2 of 2)

March 27, 2012

Thing #09 Online Productivity

The fifth week encourages participants of the 23 things @ MPJ adventure to explore and collaborate with more Web 2.0 tools.


I happen to enjoy the number of online applications that Google has to offer. One login and password grants me access to many services and related settings. Although there is an argument to be made that relying on one application or suite is harmful if it should ever go offline. The possibility of anything happening to any service always exists.

Remember when your favourite sushi restaurant closed without giving you any warning?

I try to maintain a backup of really important files on an external storage device and try not to get overly stuffed with multiple copies of the same file. I suppose knowing the existence of other services exist is better than not knowing. Take Flickr for example. Through this adventure I joined and shared in the Flickr experience, however I was already a user of Picasa, Google’s version of an online photo storage, organization and sharing site. With a built it Blogging tool for its own Blogging service.

A few comments on TWO notable Web 2.0 collaboration tools:

Google CalendarGoogle Calendar – Keeping my professional and personal life organized and efficient need not be complicated. I can share my calenders with anyone or display them on websites. I maintain control over who gets to see what. Calendars are colour coordinated therefore visually I can distinguish very important events (Anniversaries and Birthdays) vs. less important events. Professionally once a calendar is setup I can encourage my class and their parents to visit it on a daily basis. The best feature is that I can also attach a Google Docs to particular days (Lesson Plan or Class Notes). Colleagues can see when meetings can be scheduled. An equally important feature is that I can manage both my professional and personal events at a single glimpse.

How awesome would it be if students helped themselves to the class notes they missed on the day they skipped?

How awesome would it be if a colleague and I collaborated on a lesson and then shared it with other teachers?

Below are 3 videos to give you a better sense of Google Calendar. Beware that the second video is a long webinar.

You Tube IconGoogleApps. (Producer) (2011). Google calendar overview [Web]. Retrieved from

You Tube IconGoogleApps. (Producer) (2011). Introduction to google calendar [Web]. Retrieved from

You Tube Iconjrsowash. (Producer) (2010). Using google calendar for lesson planning [Web]. Retrieved from

Please Note: Google Calendar can become quite addictive and someone I can become obsessive over inputting events.

Google Calender (

Google Calender ( is an easy to use mind mapping tool that users (once registered) can save the mind map. In addition users can export their mind map in either a .jpg or .png file format. It is intuitive and allows for some user controlled function like changing the font size, colour of the bubble and placement. An awesome tool to use to organize brainstorming ideas, develop writing ideas, as a comparison tool or to help students map out semester concepts as a study sheet guide. Excellent for timelines in History or English class. Students can create, print, or export into other projects.

A future thing: Google+

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